Nobody Asked You
What the hell happened in North Carolina?!?!

***WARNING** Brace yourselves for some truth and yes it is quite long for good reason.

The banners have been torn down, the floor swept and the Democrats appear jubilant much as any delusional group does when they’ve blinded themselves to their own intents and purposes or at least to those of their leader’s. But underlying all this is a level of truth that not even the most ardent supporters dare look at but it’s there.

An unrest, a nervousness that this should not have been how this convention, the Democrat Party Convention in Charlotte, should have turned out. Of course, with the constant banter of Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow and their cast of miscreant reporters, they have convinced themselves that this was a successful convention whereas most of middle America is left shaking their heads and asking “What in the hell did we just witness?’

Unfortunately for the Democrats, the trouble started before the first gavel hit the podium. An often overlooked story but one that bears weight happened on the first day when the great grandson of the quintessential hero of Native Americans, Harlyn Geronimo, made the point blank declaration that he wished to speak directly to Elizabeth Warren about her heritage claims.

Unlike, her alleged Cherokee ancestors, who were regarded as arguably the bravest of Native Americans, she ran away and didn’t look back while sending famous mad man Howard Dean to deflect the criticism and questions. This can’t sit well with Native Americans, especially the Apache, who were already deeply offended that their most famous leader was used as the code name for the most heinous mass murderer of Americans in history, Osama Bin Laden.

Of course this might have blown over but it was sure to get more air time once it was learned that Ms. Warren would have featured screech time on the convention floor and what a screech it was. Descending on the floor of the convention like a crazed harpy and prattling on about how the American system is rigged even though her party did all the rigging from 2008-2010 and foisted the largest tax increase in the entire history of civilized society on to the backs of lower and middle class Americans. People who are scratching by, people who are now terrified of their own government and who can ill afford to have the IRS knocking on their door and forcing them to buy something many of them can’t afford.

Nevertheless in the context of the entirety of the convention, all this was minor annoyance but still a rather blunt stick in the eye to many of the most under represented of the Democrat party. Moving on to the keynote speaker of the evening, it must have been a shock to most Americans when they heard that the Castro brothers would be united on the convention floor. Most Americans probably felt a cold chill run down their spine wondering how the DNC had finally gotten Raul and Fidel to the convention. Imagine the disappointment of most leftists when it was learned that it was only the mayor of San Antonio.

Yes, Castro of the American dream, if the American dream means your education, like Obama’s, was paid for by the hard work and taxes of Americans who actually work for a living, something that Julian Castro has no familiarity with much like his mentor Barack Obama because he’s spent the entirety of his adult life sucking on the public tit of a political machine. This is something never mentioned by most leftists and certainly not those who have elevated this flawed human being as the new brain trust of the Democrat Party. Trust this, they, like Obama, didn’t pay for those Harvard and Stanford degrees. This you can be sure of, these Castro brothers are cut from the same cloth as those south of Florida and it was painfully apparent in his address.

This brings us to Michelle Obama which can be summed up in short order. The first lady wishes for middle class Americans to believe that her husband identifies with the middle class because he’s lived it although much of his life has been spent toasting with the crème of the Democratic apparachic. Yes, Barack is like us because most of us were given the opportunity through Affirmative Action to have our lives completely financed while we cultivated our leftist alter-egos in the halls of Columbia and Harvard. Of course, Americans will never know the entire story there because those years are conveniently and securely locked away from public scrutiny.

But of course, this can all be overlooked because according to the first lady, Barack fetched out a coffee table from a dumpster and that surely qualifies one to have lived the middle class lifestyle. What was left out of her address is that she failed to mention exactly how he got that table home considering he was driving a car with a rusted out floor board rather than a truck. One could almost hear the sobbing wafting across the audience as they wistfully reminisced about 2008. Fortunately, for the Obama crew, there was no one in the audience to remind them that our middle class first lady spent the last four years sporting two thousand dollar dresses and bilking the American taxpayer for her extravagant European vacations for herself and seventy five of her select entourage. Yes, Mitt Romney simply doesn’t get it.

But it was Day Two that brought out the best of the worst of the modern Democrat party and reminded us of exactly who and what they are. The day began with what will go down as the most embarrassing moment of any convention since Chicago Mayor John Daly shouted at Abraham Ribicoff, “Fu^& you, you Jew son of a bitch! You lousy mother$%#$! Go home!”

Politics is a game of irony. On Day Two, the convention highlight was the DNC scrambling to explain why their eventual nominee decided to completely disregard not only the Jewish state of Israel but also God in general in the party platform. To add more to what was already a very negative drama, DNC chairman Antonio Villaraigosa found a way to add more fuel to a smoldering fire, creating a bonfire across the convention floor by not only throwing away the convention rules but allowing a measure to reach the floor which would insert (as opposed to re-insert) mention of God and Israel.

This in itself could have been forgiven had he been prepared for the disgusting reaction of the floor delegates who fervently booed God (that would include any God) and the Jews through three successive votes. With that the Democrat party had finally found a way to unite the Nazi credo with that of Soviet Communism, a feat never before accomplished in modern history. Just remember, folks, this is definitely “change” but we can officially recognize that “hope” has been thrown away at least where moderation is concerned.

Never fear though, Democrats can always rely on the country’s most famous philanderer to lead our country against the phony conservative war on women. Yes, this pillar of virtue who has a record that could fill a rather sizable volume of corporate ethics classes on what not to do as a federal employee, was sent up to the podium once again to try and bully us into believing once and for all that radical socialism really is the path America needs to take.

Never mind that every socialistic country on the face of the Earth is in near meltdown. Of course, he did convince us that he could deliver us to that socialistic class much better than Barack Obama ever could but the law prohibits him from doing so. Not to be undaunted he made sure to remind us that he does have his very own surrogate to handle the heavy lifting for him. Fortunately, she was safely tucked away in China which must have been the realization of a wet dream for Mr. Clinton.

The cruel irony of this day was that Bubba was preceded by Sandra Fluke who he would have undoubtedly stuffed a cigar into her crotch given half a chance with or without a condom. Yes, what can we say about a thirty year old woman who tries to convince the American public that they should be financially responsible for her birth control, her pregnancy, her prenatal care and then perhaps the abortion should she become bored with the entire process and decide to rip out the fetus and throw it in the garbage can. It must have been a great relief to Mr. Clinton that he had a new target and America might be paying for the condom. To Ms. Fluke’s credit though, she was smart enough not to ever accept a ride home from Ted Kennedy who was lionized at the convention to thunderous applause by mostly those born after July 18, 1969.

So two days had gone by with Chris Matthews limping around Charlotte due to all the tingles running up his leg. The same Chris Matthews who asked the RNC delegates a week earlier whether this was a “douche bag convention” when they ripped into him for his kooky negativity toward all things conservative. I guess Chris hasn’t gotten the memo that conservatives and the Republican party were loaded for bear on the tired, old racial straw man that’s continually pulled out and run around the maypole every four years when the Democrat party needs a vote or two. Chalk one up for the GOP, who now have twice as many women and minority governors than the party that claims that moral high ground.

Which brings us to the most unremarkable day of the entire convention save for one mystifying appearance that reminded Americans as to why exactly they loathe radical liberalism. Yes, for this forgettable day, we had the fire and passion of former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm who brought a whole new meaning to the term political neurosis. A hate-filled diatribe filled with unprovable falsehoods against a backdrop of a woman holding a Ford placard did nothing to add validity to her lengthy and loud screech. The special irony in this is that Ms. Granholm abandoned her loyalty to Michigan and now lives quite comfortably on the campus of Berkeley, preaching to the choir.

Of those left behind in Michigan, most of them must be scratching their heads wondering exactly which Michigan she was referring to and which GM she was referring to. Maybe it’s a fictitious, alternate universe where GM bond holders weren’t illegally wiped out of their investment via Presidential proxy, the company wasn’t forced into a managed bankruptcy, it wasn’t turned over to the very organization that bankrupted it, taxpayers weren’t stiffed out of 82 billion dollars (you read that right, BILLION) and current equity investors haven’t lost one third or more of their investment. It certainly isn’t the company she was bellowing about. That company is a train wreck with their prized trophy, the Volt, slowly slipping into another clean energy abyss ala Solyndra.

Yes, Ms. Granholm, who has no ties to Michigan now and never really did considering she spent the majority of her life in California can now chant, roar and make a general ass of herself with more hate laced, vitriolic speeches of lies, distortions and clearly psychotic ramblings from here to eternity but here’s a bit of advice Jennifer, hang up any pretenses of public office unless of course it’s mayor of Berkeley which you are now uniquely qualified to aspire to. You dashed all hopes of that ever occurring again and if your last gubernatorial term is any sort of indicator, Michiganians are praising the very God that the Democrats tried to freeze out of their convention.

The fact that she had slipped completely into obscurity made her the perfect foil to deliver one of the most misinformed and downright dishonest “speeches” in American political history. This was not a shining moment for the Democrat party simply because it once again made America wonder if God wasn’t left out of the party platform to cater to the near satanic qualities of a person like this.

However, the the first star of the DNC convention was the supposedly horrible weather patterns moving across the North Carolina sky bringing warm temperatures and 10% chance of rain. Yes, enough to insure that Barack Obama must give his acceptance speech to a hopefully packed crowd in an indoor arena instead of an outdoor stadium named after one of the organizations he’s spent an inordinate amount of time rhetorically ripping to shreds the last four years.

Like Mr. Romney, the finale was anti-climatic with one exception. Mr. Romney wrapped up his speech with one of the most effective and damning indictments of a President’s ideology in a long time. Where the world was promised by this President that he would heal the planet and do extraordinary feats that no mere human has ever attempted, Mr. Romney simply looked straight at the camera and made the simple declaration that his promise was to help America’s families.

While looking at the text of Mr. Obama’s closing remarks, his own words are a stinging indictment of his own failed policies and what has become one of the hardest collapses of an administration since James Earl Carter in 1980.

America, I never said this journey would be easy, and I won’t promise that now.
Yes, our path is harder - but it leads to a better place. Yes our road is longer - but we travel it together. We don’t turn back. We leave no one behind. We pull each other up. We draw strength from our victories, and we learn from our mistakes, but we keep our eyes fixed on that distant horizon, knowing that Providence is with us, and that we are surely blessed to be citizens of the greatest nation on Earth.

This begs the question: WHAT DOES ALL THAT MEAN?

For most Americans, a road that is longer and a path that is harder means only that should they near the end, they’ll just be tired and Americans are quite exhausted with this President. Not to mention, if the President has no clue what’s in store for us, wouldn’t it make sense to maybe look at his competitor who actually was the only candidate who gave the country any chance of hope for the future at all. Wouldn’t it be more sensible to elect a man who has had decades of experience with success in almost every endeavor he’s ever participated in? Mitt Romney may have his share of issues but lack of confidence isn’t one of them nor is he left wanting for a proven record of success against the odds which our current President cannot claim unless of course we’re talking about trained Navy Seals shooting an old man in the hallway of a dumpy two story house. Unfortunately, for Americans, one dead, old terrorist as the high water mark of a Presidency doesn’t leave much for middle class Americans.

After four years of above 8% unemployment, with 89 million Americans out of work with the unemployment numbers being adjusted downward because of the general hopelessness that Americans feel about their job prospects and who have simply quit the workforce, with almost 20% of Americans on food stamps, is THIS what we want to hear? Does this inspire hopefulness or hopelessness? Let’s be clear, there is only one place these closing lines belonged—in an auditorium being used by those who were flooded out of their homes by Hurricane Isaac ON THE DAY AFTER THE FLOOD.

Instead of reserving this for relief after a natural disaster, Mr. Obama in this point blank declaration has decisively informed an entire country that it will be hard to climb out of the disaster that he’s dug for us and should we decide to complain or look toward him for help, we can forget it because it will take too long. He and Michelle will be vacationing in Europe but hey, just remember we’re all in this together. If you really want to feel close to this administration, let me reference the brilliance of the movie “Brazil” which is the world I feel we’re headed for after listening to this.

Had he reserved this speech for a group of desperate, rain-soaked homeless people driven from their houses by a natural disaster, he would have been a hero. These closing lines might have allowed those people to forget their temporary misery had Mr. Obama actually cared about them and showed up on time rather than attending his high-minded fundraisers while they paddled to dry land. Instead, we’re to believe in platitudes and attacking straw men as the way to prosperity. What is ironic is that these closing lines could have been delivered to any one of those row boats but unfortunately, as Mr. Ryan stated in his convention address, Mr. Obama is still waiting for yesterday’s wind to carry him out to them.

Written exclusively and without plagiarism (that’s for Joe Biden) by IronBob2004, 9/8/2012